Advent & Christmas Services 2017

Another year has slipped by.  Once again the season of Advent is here and Christmas is now less than two weeks away.  For some, the days seem to drag on and on.  For others they disappear so fast it’s like being on a never ending roller coaster.  Whatever your situation, it’s important that you halt for a moment and ask yourself, “Where am I headed?”  Advent reminds us that God’s Son, Jesus Christ, came into this world a little over two thousand years ago.  That was His first “Advent” or “Coming”.  The Bible tells us He came in order to save us from our sins (1 Timothy 1.15).  Advent also reminds us that Jesus will come again, but it cautions us that His Second Coming will be to judge the world (2 Thessalonians 1. 7-9).  For those who are prepared, it will be a glorious day.  For those who do not know God it will be for them everlasting destruction.  Advent reminds us of the importance of being ready for that coming day.

If you want to be ready for Jesus at His Second Coming attend Church this Advent to find out how.

The Parish of Saint George – Schedule of Services

Sunday December 3, 2017  1:30 pm – Advent Sunday
Lighting of the First Candle & Holy Eucharist

Sunday December 10, 2017  1:30 pm – Second Sunday in Advent
Lighting of the Second Candle & Holy Eucharist

Sunday December 17, 2017  1:30 pm – Third Sunday in Advent
Lighting of the Third Candle & Holy Eucharist

Sunday December 24, 2017  1:00 pm – Christmas Eve
Advent Devotions & Holy Eucharist

Sunday December 31  1:00 pm – The Sunday after Christmas Day
Christmas Carols & Lessons

(All services are held at 1480 George Street, White Rock, BC)


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